​​Mission Statement​ 

The mission of the Homeless Improvement Project (HIP) is to motivate homeless men and women to improve their lives AND to motivate Brockton, MA, and nearby cities and towns to commit themselves to ending homelessness. .


​​​The ending homelessness two-step

Day to day, the Homeless Improvement Project (HIP) aims to help the local poor and homeless population, primarily through providing a nurturing, non-judgmental place to be during the day.  Over the long term, HIP aims to be a rallying point for people in Brockton and the surrounding cities and towns who would like to see an end to homelessness in this area.  

HIP believes that the best approaches to ending homeless are those that are good for the community as a whole, not just the homeless.  As one example, HIP believes that Brockton and the others cities and towns could create a significant amount of housing for the homeless through a communitywide effort to deal with their vacant and underused properties.  With this one effort the community could (1) get rid of the urban blight that these properties cause, (2) get as many of the buildings as possible back on the tax rolls and (3) create a significant number of new housing units, including a good number for working families and the homeless.  The effort would all but undoubtedly become a national model for dealing with these issues.

For more information and to get involved call 508/583-6700 or fill out our registration form.