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Pastor Roberto Silveira
The Homeless Improvement Project
c/o Universal Missionary Church
30 North Main Street
Brockton, MA 02301


Our immediate needs include. 

  • Being able to pay our host church for its continuing support.  
  • Having a fund to pay for IDs for homeless adults who do not have them.  The lack of an ID often keeps them from getting jobs.  
  • Being able to expand our read-and-discuss programming to include focused training such as on abandoned housing rehab, a major problem in the City of Brockton. 

  • Our number one wish list item is to attract sufficient funding to be able to purchase and renovate a salvageable abandoned building in Brockton. If it were a typical three family sgtructure we could convert it into three to six units for homeless families or as many as nine studio units with kitchens and baths for single homeless adults.  Ideally with would carry out the renovation with an experienced renovation contractor and volunteer union labor with homeless men and women being employed and in training where possible.  

  • We would also like to establish our own building rehab and landscaping companies, staffed primarily by experienced homeless workers.  

  • Ultimately we would like to establish a home base for HIP.  In addition to housing the rehab and landscaping companies, it will be big enough to include a decent number of units of affordable housing  and storage units to produce cash flow for all HIP operations.